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Tax Lien and Tax Deed investing doing business with the Government:

You don’t need credit or experience, start with as little as $100.00! You will receive your initial investment back from the government plus a Profit or you will get the Property Guaranteed!

Tax Lien or Tax Deed investing is the best investment tool that exist when it comes to real-estate. This is the only investment that I know of, where you can invest your money and receive such a high rate of return up to 24% interest, doing business with the government. By investing in a Tax Lien or Tax Deed one of two things are going to happen; you will get your initial investment back plus interest or you receive the rights to the property. This is why my book is called Profit or Property. This type of investment has been around for years. The best kept Secret!

Authored by Roger W Hickman Jr

Edition 1:
My book will solve the curiosity for anyone interested in investing in real estate(tax lien or tax deed property), and would like to know where he or she can start making money that pays a high rate of return with very low risk.

You will learn how to invest in tax liens and tax deed property. Also you’ll discover what I call the best kept secret. There is almost no risk and you will learn how to play with the big boys. More importantly, it doesn’t take large sums of money to get started and you will learn how and why states and local counties provide one of the best returns on your investment. You will learn how to acquire tax liens or tax deed property, sit back and let someone else do the leg work by collecting your profits for you.

Why I wrote this book:
I wrote this book because I wanted to share my twenty years plus journey with everyone who is seeking a way to generate income without having a lot of money to invest. Even the little people can get in the big game of investing in real estate. I did my best to take out all the jargon that can potentially be misleading. I want everyone that read my book to know that, they do not need investing experience, a license or have to pay a professional investor to conduct business for them. I wrote my book to keep things simple, and did my best to leave out all the confusing words that can potentially have you, that do not know about investing, scratching your head. I will walk you through the auction process from start to finish, leaving you with the gratification that you’ve just made one of the smartest investments in your life. This book contains information and links that will help you get started investing today. It covers why tax liens and deeds exist. It will educate the reader on who to contact about tax auctions, what questions to ask, what is needed to start investing and many other important details.

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